Purpose Built Families Foundation is a nationally accredited nonprofit delivering preventative and reparative services to overcome foundational barriers.

Their specialized curricula serve unique audiences. PAIRS programs are integrated in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish institutions; military programs help Army, Navy, Marine, Guard, and Air Force families boost relationship strength and resilience. PAIRS Essentials is the PAIRS Foundation’s flagship program. This program is designed to create positive, enduring shifts in the quality and resilience of relationships. PAIRS for PEERS is a relationship skills training program for children and youth offered through schools, churches, and community organizations. PAIRS Essentials also supports the Department of Veterans Affairs Warrior to Soul Mate program.

MY ROLE: Brand Designer

From rebranding the foundation to designing all PAIRS Programs (PAIRS Essentials 2.0 Curriculum, PAIRS Workbook, PAIRS Worksheets, and PAIRS Presentations).

I have also designed the Warrior to Soul Mate Program for VA (U.S Department of Veterans Affairs), contributing to a $3 million+ sale program and making accessible the skills for improved communication, healthy conflict resolution, expanded emotional awareness, and a deeper connection to Veteran families throughout the United States.

Challenge: From making something look great to making something work great.