Aroma del Bosque

Director & Film Editor

I directed a documentary film project based in Bolivia called “El Incienso, El armoa del Bosque“. This film shows how hard is to export the incense of Madidi Jungle in Bolivia. The project presented me with a major opportunity to enhance my film-based skills and life experience. I worked as a director, producer and video editing. I have been in their community for around 15 days and it gave me the opportunity to meet another side of this world. Without their constant help and support this film couldn’t be possible as it was very hard to walk to the top of the mountains where the incense is. CIPLA has done a case study of this area in order to create a new sustainable program for the threes. We had to collect incense, cut the threes in order to produce more incense, and repopulate plant seeds in new areas.

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