My first awakening

In August 2009 I went to Egypt for my first trip with my mum. I was 17 years old, and my life was a complete disaster with my teenage love issues, as usual. But you were always there. You encouraged me to go on this ‘spiritual’ trip which, woke me up and helped me start my commitment to my personal growth by showing me the values I have now. Finding emotional stability is not an easy task. Often I feel blocked and trapped in my thoughts, but then you come to my mind, as if you’re still here ─ well, your light is always here ─ and I remember all your words. My treasure for life.

I recall myself experiencing something mystic that changed me consciously and unconsciously. We were doing a meditation inside Cheops’ pyramid, it was my first time meditating. There were feelings and factors that I did not understand at that moment, like the dolphins’ chant, the transformation of the energy, and the change in vibrational frequency. I felt this, not only inside the pyramid but also while trekking all night to the top of Mount Sinai to see the most beautiful sunrise ever.

You have taught me (many, many, many times) that when you respect yourself and have self-esteem, life is easier regardless of what’s going on. What is happening around us is what is happening inside us. We are a microcosmos living inside a macro-cosmos. Everything is connected. Your thoughts are all connected, so what are you thinking?

We are prisoners of ourselves. We are locked in a house that we built ourselves, and we have forgotten. For how long do you want to remain there? We believe we are free, and that we have the power to choose but everything is been already programmed by our fears.

Fear, devaluation, or guilty paralyzes you and cancels all your potential and strength to decide the direction of your life. Connecting with gratitude and wellness empowers your way to the transformation you want to achieve. This connection’s in your heart. Your true mind is also there, your real thoughts are there. Have you noticed that?

What will set us free from our ‘house’ is LOVE. Love each situation, love each experience, because this is what you are a Being of Light, full of love hidden by yourself. Be yourself.

If there is any situation which you can not deal with, try to answer these questions to yourself: What does this situation want to teach me? What feelings or emotions does it provoke in me? What am I refusing to accept? What are you willing to hold?

Just by accepting or even only recognizing what is there, you are spreading love. Perhaps it’s not the time for releasing the grief but for acknowledging it. Maybe you just need to awaken it and take a leap to a higher state of awareness. There is no rush, but just so you know, with humility and love, you are setting it free. Life is often bringing what your soul needs to grow and rise. Let yourself surrender into the path unknown without your fears block you.

Some of the most painful endings have made way for the most filled beginnings, but as long as you cling to the past or those fundamentals, you cannot make space for a new opening.